Medical Centers

feasibility studies, programing, design, construction, procurement, personal training and management assistance.


feasibility studies, programing, design, construction.

Retirement home

Feasibility studies, programing, design, construction and procuremen

Public & Landmark

programing, design, construction and procurement




E.D.C. Ltd is a private company established in 1963 with head office in Tel- Aviv, Israel. The Company’s is headed by its Eng. I.J.Langer. EDC’s services include project management, construction management, and building design, feasibility studies, and specialized equipment acquisition, procurement, financing and consulting services. The Company’s staff is comprised of professionals skilled in construction processes, value engineering, programming, design financing. EDC has provided design, construction management and construction for some of the largest projects in the state of Israel and abroad including the development of hospitals, universities, commercial and institutional landmark projects along with a myriad of other. EDC had developed a unique expertise in the sphere of medical facilities and public buildings and institutions. It has been involved in projects in all of Israel’s largest and most advanced hospitals, as well as projects in CIS countries, West Africa and CEE region.